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Colony Productions & Studios, Inc. … in continuous operation since 1968 producing internationally and nationally award winning productions since its first year, in fact is one of the most highly awarded regional production companies in the country.  Television commercials have been a staple for Colony since its beginning, but Colony Productions and its director/cinematographer Bill Peterson are recognized as well for longer and diverse film and media creation and production.

In addition to CLIO’s, one for best cinematography Internationally, “And You May Find...Virginia,” a 28 minute masterpiece of cinematography and visual storytelling was recognized as the best travel film in the United States, seen by millions in movie theaters and on television and has subsequently been released in five languages. 

Colony began in Colonial Heights Virginia and flourished in Richmond Virginia , having offices in New York , for a period and finally in Fort Lauderdale Florida . Colony has remained tops in national caliber production for regional clients.  Among the hundreds of award credits, there is recognition for film production, tape productions, Clio’s for editing and for special effects. Truly a creator and producer of visual media, not simply a production company, virtually all of the creatively recognized work sprang from the Colony group of creative and production people. National awards for scripting, concept, creative design and showings of Colony’s work in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, attest to the level of result you expect from Colony Productions.

 Inseparable from Colony is its founder and guiding force Bill Peterson, writer, designer, photographer and cinematographer.  And inseparable from Bill, you’ll find Julie Meek, Colony’s number one producer and organizer, as well as Bill’s number one confidant and inspiration. With over twenty years of keeping it together and making it happen, Julie is as indispensable to the Colony product as a screen or gallery to display its work.

 From his California work in fashion photography to the documentary depiction of Skipjacks of the Chesapeake Bay featured in the current exhibit “Skipjack Sunday,” Bill brings a style and vision to his work that is distinctively his.  His cinemagraphic concepts in the early 70’s blazed a trail in motion as a language soon imitated and expanded into every aspect of the film and motion picture community, resulting in the development of Hollywood’s Luma Crane and a new way to look at motion in the cinema.  Colony and Bill, aboard Colony II, continue to explore the art in commercial work, be it a television commercial, a business communication, web site design, travel film, fashion or glamour still photography.  No format or hardware boundaries are accepted at Colony, the right tool is the tool that creates the art that communicates, be it Bill’s fine art work or the high impact award winning commercial work he produces for Colony Productions & Studios, Inc., you can expect an unpretentious, thought out, creative, practical solution. 

Bill, Julie and Colony can be reached at  

In the Mid-Atlantic @ 804.355.3571 or down South in Fort Lauderdale @ 954.764.2222

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